Multistate Tax Service provides innovative state and local tax advisory and advocacy solutions to:

  • Reduce state and local taxes for businesses located throughout the United   States; and

  • Assist accounting firms, law firms, and consulting firms reduce their clients’   state and local taxes.

Multistate Tax Service focuses exclusively on addressing all aspects of state and local taxation and providing related professional services. Although Multistate Tax Service is not an accounting firm and does not provide accounting, audit, federal tax, or international tax services, Multistate Tax Service partners with accounting firms and law-firms to provide specialty state and local tax assistance, staff augmentation, and consulting services.
Multistate Tax Service utilizes a variety of creative fee structures to advise, advocate, and represent the best interests of taxpayers and is not restricted by the cumbersome restrictions of the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation.
Using nationally recognized state and local tax experts located throughout the United States, Multistate Tax Service provides cost-effective and innovative solutions to reduce state and local taxes.