Multistate Tax Service provides a comprehensive-range of innovative state and local tax solutions to address:

Sales and Use Taxes       Commercial Activity Tax (CAT)
Franchise & Income Taxes   Personal Property Taxes
Real Estate Taxes   City Income Taxes 
Payroll Taxes   Gross Receipt Taxes
Tax Audits  

Tax Appeals

Tax Abatements   Tax Incentives
Tax Planning   Tax Refunds
Mergers and Acquisitions        Corporate Re-Structuring
Taxability of Sale Transactions   Unclaimed Property / Escheat Reporting
Nexus Reviews   Taxability of Purchase Transactions
Tax Research        

Licenses and Permits

Tax Opinions   Tax Compliance
Tax Exposure Analysis (CPR)   Tax Disclosures and Negotiated Tax Settlements
Tax Legislation   Governmental Assistance
Corporate Aircraft Purchase Tax Strategy   Transportation Company Tax Strategy
Leasing Company Tax Strategy  

Purchasing Company Tax Strategy

Health Care Tax Strategy   Corporate Aircraft Tax Strategy